Natascha Sautter

Tax advisor

Natascha Sautter works as a tax advisor for our firm. She studied law at the University of Vienna and subsequently worked for more than fifteen years at renowned national and international consulting firms (including Deloitte and BDO) in the areas of tax law and criminal tax law.

Areas of expertise

As an expert in the areas of tax litigation and criminal tax law, her practice focuses on advising and representing our clients in the course of tax appeal proceedings, in criminal tax proceedings and counselling on preventive strategies (tax risk management). She also has extensive experience in advising clients on voluntary disclosures to remedy criminal tax offences, and on designing concepts for companies aimed at preventing the risk of a liability under tax law and criminal tax law.

Publications, lectures and memberships

In addition to her practice in our firm, Natascha Sautter is a regular lecturer and has published numerous articles in leading professional journals and academic books. She is a member of the Austrian Chamber of certified tax advisors and accountants.